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Beginning East Coast Swing   

Swing is the quintessential partner dance of American culture—and East Coast swing is the most common, versatile, and easiest to learn of all the many variations. No partner or previous experience is needed for this beginning East Coast swing course. We will start solo (i.e., no partner) and learn basic movements and timing to a wide variety of swing music. Then we will progress to using these same moves and step patterns while dancing with a partner. Over time more complicated step patterns will be demonstrated and practiced with a variety of partners. Each class will always begin with a review of the material learned in previous lessons and end with plenty of time to practice and ask for individual attention. Finally, the class will be invited to attend one or more of the various swing dances occurring in the Rogue Valley. NOTE: We ask students to wear comfortable shoes appropriate for dancing. A waiver must be signed prior to the first class.

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