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Greek Art, Part 2: Classical and Hellenistic   

Classical Greek art (5th C. BCE) reflects the idealism of the Athenians after finally defeating the Persians in 480. The rebuilding of Athens and the Acropolis temples and sculpture revealed “man as the measure of all things” (Protagoras), with “correct” mathematical ratios as they strived for perfection. But defeat by the Spartans later in the 5th century shifted the tone to a more naturalistic form, softer and more individualistic. With the rise of Alexander the Great at the end of the 4th century, Greek art became even more realistic and dramatically expressive, as it reflected their now-widening world. We will look at examples from architecture, sculpture, pottery, and painting to trace the culmination and decline of ancient Greek art. This is a lecture course, lavishly illustrated with PowerPoint images. Questions are welcome, but it is not a discussion class. It is not necessary to have taken Part 1 of the course, as there will be an introduction and review of earlier Greek art.

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